UpFilesBE 1.0

100% C#, Web Farm ready Progress bar and Unicode support in File Upload
1.0 (See all)
datanyms Inc.

UpFilesBE ver 1.0 is a set of .NET classes and types which allow uploading of files, of any type, any language and any format, from a Web browser to an IIS Web Server.
Requiring no client side code it operates only on the Web Server and handles the standard RFC 1867 multipart HTML forms data including that of the uploaded files.
UpFilesBEModule, an HTTPModule, included with UpFilesBE ver 1.0, intercepts the incoming upload requests allowing virtually unlimited file sizes to upload.
DataNyms.net.dll, a .NET assembly, includes a Progress Monitoring Module allowing display of a Pure HTML Progress bar.
UpFilesBE ver 1.0 offers Progress Logging and Display which is fully Web Farm enabled. No need of external database and no extra programming required. Just select a common location for the Log File on a File Server accessible from all the participating Web Servers of the Web Farm and you have Progress bar integrated into your Web Farm.
UpFilesBE ver 1.0 offers Autofixing feature which makes sure that whenever a corrupt upload is encountered it automatically gets decorrupted.
All classes contained in the UpFilesBE ver 1.0 .NET assemblies offer a seamless interoperation with standard ASP.NET Request classes. Supplementing the standard .NET request classes, UpFilesBE ver 1.0 provides an advanced level of control over the upload process.
UpFilesBE ver 1.0 runs on Windows 2003 and Windows XP and can be used from any .NET language including VB.NET and C#.

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